Why is Nutrition Important?

Seriously, sometimes I wonder,"Why is nutrition important?". I'm in the checkout line the other day, and I look at the guy ahead of me.

He had bags of chips, ramen noodles, Kraft Dinner, two cases of pop, 6 frozen TV dinners, sugared breakfast cereal, Ice cream, candy bars, and chocolate milk. No fruit. no veggies. Nothing really healthy at all in the whole cart.

He wasn't dead. He didn't look sick. Overweight, sure, but so is most of the continent. So, why is nutrition important?

This guy is going along fine, without eating anything that had any life in it. Why is nutrition important?

There are millions of people just like him. Why is nutrition important?

It's a matter of quality of life. Level of function. Longevity. We all know there is about a bazillion pages of research on why nutrition is important, but we don't care about that until it directly affects our lives.

Here's the problem: by the time we eat poorly long enough to become sick, it's more difficult (but not impossible) to reverse the damage.

Why is nutrition important? Well, each time you add something to your diet that your body requires, it works better. You work better. Your brain, heart, lungs, skin, stomach, sex organs, liver, kidneys, work better. Everything goes up a notch.

Add ten items your body needs, and you can feel the difference.

Why is nutrition important? Imagine how you would feel and function if your body had everything it needed to work at 100%. Do you think that will make a difference in your life at your next birthday? In five years? In 20 years?

You'll notice I haven't talked at all about not eating things. In my years working with people in the field of health, I have found that it is rarely effective to take things away.

As soon as we're told that we shouldn't eat something that we love to eat, we crave it all the more. It makes a diet difficult to follow. The challenge is to strike a balance between what we should eat, and what we shouldn't.

But that's where our site differs from so many other nutrition sites. we want you to add healthy, delicious things to your diet. If you add enough healthy things, there will be less room for the unhealthy things.

The things you really love to eat can stay in your diet, and the number of healthy things that you love to eat will steadily grow.

Don't try to make unhealthy things healthier. It invariably fails. Soy lattes open up a whole new world of allergies, and sickness that was never avaialble to you before soy milk. Artificially sweetened pop opens a whole range of illness and death that was not available from the sugar sweetened variety.

Man cannot improve on nature by chemically altering it. If you enjoy latte's, then drink one. If you love pop, then have some. But before you enjoy that, could you eat a carrot? An apple? Kiwi? Grapes? Now that we've answered "Why is nutrition important?", Smart Healthy Eating is all about helping you find your way in the nutrition jungle. It's about clear answers to difficult questions.

Where do you want to be in 10 years? Let's make a plan to help you get there!

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