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Q: How are probiotic supplements like World War II?

A: In any war it's good to have allies. World war 2 would have ended quite differently if not for the allies.


Your body is at war. Against pathogenic bacteria, viruses, yeast, pollutants and poisons. It wasn't designed to fight alone. It needs allies to help in the fight.

Not all that long ago, we ate these healthy bacteria with our food. Pull out a carrot in the garden, wipe it off, and eat it, dirt and all. We played in the dirt, ate it, rolled in it (Wow, talk about getting down and dirty!) All this dirt was full of healthy probiotics - they would happily live in our intestine, and help us to digest our food, fight infection, and dispose of wastes. Not so anymore.

We live in an age of sanitation. Well, actually over sanitation. Hand sanitizer everywhere, chlorine soaked veggies, and powerful cleansers remove any of the healthy bacteria we would have eaten. Our veggies are washed, scrubbed, and processed so no traces of healthy dirt remain.

Without these little warriors the bad guys (pathogenic bacteria) move in, we don't digest our food properly, and we don't absorb the nutrients we need.

This leaves us alone in the fight. And we're losing. Weak immune systems, yeast infections, colds... We need to call up some reinforcements.


That's where probiotic supplements come in. There are only two things you need to take if you are following healthy eating guidelines, Probiotic supplements and Omega 3 oil. You can get everything else your body needs from what you eat.

The tiny allies found in probiotics aid your body in countless activities. They help you break down and absorb nutrients. Probiotics also form a huge line of defense against infection by preventing pathogenic (enemy) bacteria, yeasts and other bad guys from finding a place to live.

Taking extra probiotics has become essential since we no longer consume them in our diet.

The best ones are multi-spectrum (they have several different strains of bacteria in them) and should be stored in the refrigerator to maintain their potency. Depending on your state of health, it's best to start slowly, and then build up to the amount suggested on the label (or even up to twice the amount for a time to get your levels built up.)

Listed below are the best full spectrum Probiotics:

Once you get rolling on that, check out our homepage, and get started on your path to smart eating.

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