Are you getting your Omega 3 benefits?

Are you missing out on something essential for health? Are you getting the omega 3 benefits that will change your future? If you are like most in the western world, probably not.

Omega 3 is a vital nutrient, that your body cannot make enough of on its own. It has to come from your diet, and unless you eat very differently from most westerners, you don't get nearly enough.

Truth be told, omega 3 fat is essential to many functions in your body, as it is the primary ingredient of every cell membrane you've got, (yep, all 75 trillion of them!). Cells can't work at 100% if they are missing this key element. Once you restore the normal level of omega 3, the advantages begin to add up.

The ideal supplement has a EPA/DHA ratio of 18:12, and adults should consume 3000mg of EPA. Children should be taking 900mg EPA

The scientifically proven Omega 3 benefits include:

Improved Brain Function

By providing your brain cells with the correct fat (omega 3) their membranes become more fluid, allowing for better communication between the cells, improving brain function.

Research shows that low levels of DHA (an omega 3 fat) is linked to problems like depression, attention deficit disorder, autism, bipolar disorder, and even memory loss. So one of the omega 3 benefits is getting your brain back!

Fish oil

Get your brain working right, Change the oil!

Reduced inflammation

One of the greatest omega 3 benefits is that it regulates the inflammatory process in your body.

Inflammation is a normal (and healthy process) that functions with the immune system.

If you have enough DHA fat (Omega 3) your body will respond properly to infection and other stresses with just the right amount of inflammation.

When omega 3 fats are missing from your diet, inflammation can get out of control. This can lead to a myraid of diseases and problems. Without the correct amount of omega 3 your body simply cannot function normally.

So omega 3's connection with inflammation naturally leads us to

Immune Function.

Once you have the right stuff for your immune system to work, it will kick in and work better and better. If you don't have the right fuel, your body's motor won't run properly and you will be more susceptible to colds, flu, and other diseases.

With the right oils (the ones we were designed to eat) your cells will begin to function the way they were intended. This will boost your immune system up to amazing levels.

If you begin following healthy eating guidelines the omega 3 benefits will add up!

Cardiovascular Health

Yes, even the cells in your heart and blood vessels use Omega 3 fat (EPA and DHA). One of the most well documented of the Omega 3 benefits is improving the function of your heart and blood vessels.

Having the enough Omega 3 reduces risk of heart attack, and death from cardiovascular disease.

Okay, so we know that there are numerous omega 3 benefits. How do we claim them for ourselves? We need to find a way to get our levels of omega 3 up to the range we were designed to operate in.

One way is to increase the amount of wild meat and fish we eat. Our ancestors consumed lots of wild meat, and received all the omega 3 they needed form their diet. In our modern world however this is becoming increasingly difficult.

The next best bet is to take fish oil. Omega 3 is one of only two supplements we need if we are following the healthy eating guide. If we're following the guide, we will want the form of Omega 3 we are genetically built to eat. Looking at our ancestors, the obvious choice is free range animals. Unless you eat a lot of wild meat, fish oil is your best bet for a supplement.

The challenge becomes choosing the right fish oil supplement. With our oceans polluted with mercury, and the market flooded with "cheap" fish oils, how do you find one that is good for your family?

We've done a lot of searching, and tried many different brands, and price points. Our goal is for you to get the best quality for your dollar. Below are our two top recommendations, based on quality of the fish oil.

The first has vitamin D built right in, so it's perfect during the winter, or if you don't get enough sun during the summer.

The second is a professional quality fish oil with a lower price point.

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