Feeling fantastically fat? Maintaining a healthy weight is possible!

Yep. We're fat. We're big, plump, and sickly. Maintaining a healthy weight has become very difficult over the past century.

The statistics are actually scary with over 30% of Americans being portly, over 23% of Mexican and UK residents, and even 14% of Canadians. We're scouring the internet for answers, even using searches like eating healthy loss plan weight. Clearly, we need some help maintaining a healthy weight.

So if we're going to solve this problem, we'll have to find out why it's happening. The good news is that the cause already been found.

No, it's not because we eat too much fat.

It's not because of McDonalds, or other fast food restauraunts.

It's not because we forgot to do our 3 day tuna diet.

It's not because we have "big bones".

And it's not because of our genes. - well - It's because we're not living the way our genes are designed. We're eating foods that we are not genetically configured to eat.

The same process takes place in livestock. They are fed grain (corn in the USA) to fatten them up. They are not able to efficeintly burn grain, so it builds fat like nobody's business, and in a short time you have a plump tasty cow, ready for slaughter.

These animals are killed when they are relatively young (the equivalent of a 20 year old human) and so they don't live long enough to develop the diseases we do.

Most of us are reluctant to be killed at the age of 20, so we continue on, eating the same way for years. Given enough time, this leads to obesity, diabetes, heart disease - all the wonderful diseases we are fighting today.

Diabetes has doubled in the last 10 years, and it's not showing any signs of slowing down.

Ugly picture for the future right? Well, not for you, since you're here. All we have to do, is eat what we used to eat.

Now we could take the time to get into all the science behind how our diet is creating type 2 diabetes, but that will be for a later webpage. Most of us just want to know how to start maintaining a healthy weight - now.

It's a simple two step plan. Anyone who has ever danced the two step can jump right in and start losing weight (hey, the two step would fit well into step two below!)

Step One

Follow the healthy eating guidelines. Eating right can be tricky at times, but if you can follow the steps found on this site you'll be heading the right way. Maintaining a healthy weight is easier when we are having our fresh fiber first, drinking only water, and getting plenty of healthy friuts and veggies.

Step two.

Get Moving! Get off the couch. The more you move, the more calories you burn, and the better you'll feel. There are whole lists of exercises to lose weight quickly, but the best type of activity is the kind that you enjoy. A walk in the cool of the evening, or out watching the sunrise. Things that get you out and moving, but don't feel like (blecch-) work. If you enjoy the activity, it will become part of your routine. If you don't enjoy it... well - you won't do it for long.

It helps to have a plan to follow, an agenda of where you're going and when. Maintaining a healthy weight can be a challenge when you can get fat without even trying, but there is tons of information here to get you started. Just click the links to the left, or below to go to our home page.

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