Low fat diet plans. Safe or sorry?

Heart disease, stroke, arteriosclerosis, diabetes. Low fat diet plans are believed by many to be key in combating these diseases. The idea is to lower fat in their bodies, so the fat doesn't plug up arteries, and make us fat and sick. If we reduce the amount of fat we eat, we'll have less fat in our bodies to cause problems.

One problem. Low fat diets don't work!

Science has conclusively proven that low fat diets do nothing to reduce your risk of these diseases. Actually, indications are that going low fat increases the risk of sickness and death.

Your body thrives on fat - the right kinds of fat. As a matter of fact every single cell in your body has a membrane made out of fat! Fat soluble vitamins are essential to make your body work. And every one of the worlds healthiest people eats fat. Sometimes a lot of fat.


But I did say the right kinds of fat. Not man made fat (margarine) or unnatural fat from grain fed animals. Not a pound of butter a day. Don't go drinking warm lard.

But fat from animals that are living normally (saturated fat from grass fed, free range critters, or wild fish) and olive oil, coconut oil, vegetable fats in their natural state (avocados, olives, nuts) are essential to a healthy body. Olive oil on your salad, coconut oil for cooking.

You can't satisfy hunger without fat. Researchers at Yale found that your body's appetite center uses fat for fuel. This is why in the 1950's doctors found that the fastest way to lose fat in your midsection (read - belly) is to eat a meat only diet (you won't find that in any list of low fat diet plans). Now smart healthy eating doesn't advocate meat only, but meat is a very important part of your daily diet. Your body needs fat. Your heart needs fat. Your brain needs fat.

The only food that will make you fat quickly is grains. If you want to fatten up a cow, what do you feed it? Grain. Plump turkeys and chickens get fed what? Grain. Fat people will eat a lot of what? Grain.

The quickest way to health is to worry less about how many grams of fat we are eating, and more about eating the right foods. Low fat diet plans are not the answer. We need something better. We need healthy eating plans that will take us toward health

Food (real food) is your friend. It's something that provides nutrients, energy, and pleasure. If you are craving some fat - go ahead and indulge - just eat healthy fats.

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