Kayla's tuna sandwhich

by Kayla Thompson
(Norfolk, NE, US)

Open your can of tuna, drain the juice, add one serving of mayonnaise (approximately 57 calories) and mix it in a bowl.
Chop up little pieces of pickles, and mix it in the bowl (optional)
Chop up little pieces of onion, and mix it in the bowl (optional)
Prepare 2 pieces of bread, or toast if preferred.
You can also use a toasted english muffin, which is very delicious.
Put a piece of sliced cheese on your bread.
Spread your tuna and pickle/onion on top of the cheese and bread.
enjoy. :)

Very delicious, and tuna has a lot of protein.

{Don't forget your fresh fruit or veggie first or try your tuna on a salad to really mix things up! Ed.}

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