Healthy Food Tips

Most of us from time to time need a few healthy food tips. Looking to improve your families health? Just follow these 8 simple tips!

Tip #1 is - Don't believe what you read!

Yep. You just read that.

Just because it's on this website, or any other website, or on the news... well, don't believe it. Not at first glance.

"If you don't read the newspaper, you are uninformed.If you do read the newspaper, you are misinformed." - Mark Twain

As tedious it is, you need to do some research on your own. Otherwise you'll believe everything you've been told about cholesterol, fat, and fiber.

One thing we won't do here at smart healthy eating, is just go along with the media hype. These healthy food tips are time tested truths about health, not the latest cool fad. This is about healthy eating for a lifetime.

Okay, let's move on to tip #2:

2. Fresh Fiber First

Do you love food? As a preeminent lover of food, the most important healthy food tip that I give to everyone, is to eat some fresh fiber first. It's the easiest healthy eating habit to develop

Why would that be number two in the healthy food tips? What does it mean? It's so simple.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh means, well... fresh. Something that was grown recently, and is, or was just alive.

Fiber means something that contains lots of fiber - namely a fruit or a vegetable.

First means first. Before something else.

That's it. The first of the tips, will change your entire future by adding healthy fiber every day. It' doesn't matter if you eat well, or horribly, adding fresh fiber will improve your state of health.

Pick something different every time you eat. Have a carrot, plum, apple, orange, broccoli, bok-choy - whatever you like! Just make sure it's fresh and raw.

And after you eat, if you want to make sure your teeth and mouth stay healthy, use some high quality oral wellness products.

All of the healthy food tips are central to smart healthy eating. Click to find out more!

3. Eat some fat!

Yep, eat fat. Goes against everything we've been told for 30 years or so, but if you look at the worlds healthiest people, they all eat fat. Sometimes a lot of fat.

healthy oil

Contrary to what the current myth is, fat does not make you "fat". Grains and empty carbs make you fat. To fatten up a cow, you feed it what?... Grain.

We totally miss the healthy boat if we are eating low fat foods. Fat makes you feel satisfied, gives your body ingredients for life (especially Omega 3 fat found in fish). If you don't know about all of the benefits of Omega 3 then click here.

4. An essential healthy food tip - Eat some dirt.

"Whoah, nice healthy food tips pal! Eat Dirt?"

Yeah. Like a little kid. Remember when you'd go out in the garden, pull up a carrot, wipe it on your shirt, and eat it?

One of the big benefits you got from that, (besides eating some fresh fiber) was a heap of bacteria. Healthy Bacteria.


If you were to want to test your soil, to see if it's healthy, what would they look for? Bacteria. If there's no bacteria in it, it's dead soil - sterile soil - and not good soil.

Your body was designed to function in concert with trillions of bacteria. The help you digest, and absorb food, keep bad bacteria from having a place to grow, and make you healthy. Without them, you are not good soil.

The other element that you used to get from soil - usually  through your food was Magnesium. Unfortunately, now more than 80 percent of us are deficient in this "Master Mineral."

Okay, so maybe you don't want to eat dirt, but you can find a replacement for dirt by considering Probiotic Supplements and Magnesium Spray. That way you can get all the benefits of eating dirt, without having to eat one of your kid's mudpies.

5. Try a salad.

Salad? Seriously?
The next of the healthy food tips is to try a salad. But not just any old salad. Put in the things you like to eat. Try some new things to see if they belong in the list of things you like to eat.

Salad berry

Give this a try: Go to the produce section of your grocery store, and buy a whole bunch of the strange things that you've looked at and wondered what they were.

Chop them up thumbnail size in a big bowl. Add your favorite dressing, or try it plain. Chow down. If you find things you don't like, then don't add them next time. If there are things you do like, add more.

Of all the healthy food tips this one is the most fun, because it's up to you to put in whatever you want. If you love a certain type of salad already, then have more of it. Give yourself a double portion. You know the big bowl you put in the middle of the table to serve salad? Use that as your bowl. Pig out.

6. Eat meat

Yep. Meat. Protein. The other filling food. The one that triggers your brain to say, I'm full. You know that after Thanksgiving dinner feeling.


The "wholly crow I can't believe I ate the whole thing" feeling. Nothing shuts down the hunger center faster than some meat. It's almost like we were made to eat it! The ideal meats are slow cooked wild meat, but grass-fed beef, free range chicken, turkey, goose, Lamb, and wild fish are all deliciously wholesome. Throw that roast in the slow cooker and enjoy it with a big salad and all your favorite veggies.

Feel like a snack? Have some leftover meat from last night.

7. Drink some water


Water is the one beverage that you can't live without. It's also the only ingredient in any other beverage that quenches your thirst. It's funny really. When you get thirsty it means your body requires water. Yet in the western world, it's rarely the drink we reach for first.

For those looking to lose weight, or to be heathier this is a very important healthy food tip. - have some water. If you replace higher calorie drinks with fresh, clean, zero calorie water, your waistline and health will thank you.

Room temperature, ice cold -whatever... just drink it.

8. Eat Smart!

Smart healthy eating is the easy way to eat well. The guidelines will lead you in the right direction, and help you along the way to the way eating should be. Fulfilling, healthy, delicious and fun.

Get more tips and healthy eating guidelines here.

Go to the homepage, with tons of information, recipes, and more!

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