Easy Healthy Eating Plans

Having healthy eating plans is one of the central parts of healthy eating. If we don't have a plan, then we wind up eating whatever can be easily thrown together at the last moment.

Stuff that can be prepared fast tends to be just that... fast food! You know, stuff from a restauarunt on the corner, or out of a box in the freezer. In a pinch it's what you may have to do, but if you have a plan, you won't be in a pinch.


For a quick start with just one meal, a healthy eating meal plan is in order (click here!). It's the simplest of our heatlhy eating plans, guiding you through the steps to prepare a meal.

Everybody is looking for a free healthy eating plan. Good news! All of our plans are free. We believe smart healthy plans should be available to everyone regardless of their ability to pay for them. All we ask in return is that you visit the other pages in our site to learn more about smart healthy eating, and visit our sponsors.

If you want to go out one step further you can move to a daily plan (click here) It goes through a one day plan for eating healthy. If you tend to live one day at a time, or are taking your first few steps into healthy eating then it's a great place to go to set up your daily plan.

If you want to go a week at a time, you can head over to our 7 Day plan page. There you'll find help for planning out a whole week.

Healthy meal planning is very rewarding and can be done in just a few minutes each week. Unlike dieting, you plan for the meals you want to eat, and that you enjoy. It's fun for the whole family to be involved.

The plans you find on this site lean toward a hunter gatherer diet, but we want you to have a plan that you can follow, so feel free to add your favorite meal to the plan as well (just make sure you have some fresh fiber first!)

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