Healthy Eating Kids are amazing!

Have you ever noticed them at the restauraunt? Those healthy eating kids that are chomping their carrot sticks, and salad? "What is wrong with those people?"

They are few and far between these days of soda, candy bars, doughnuts and potato chips. They are out there though. And I like to think it's a growing community.

No, you don't have to adopt new ones to get healthy eating kids of your own. You don't have to make "carrots" out of icing sugar to get them to eat them. You can change their future, today.

Apple Girl

Healthy eating kids guidelines are for adults too! As you start to make subtle changes in your life, your kids will follow right along with you, and slowly but surely will develop your own healthy eating kids.

Start with some fresh raw food before "other" food. Don't take away their usual 5 doughnut lunch. Just have them eat some carrots first. (or broccoli, or squash, or celery, or cucumber, or... some form of live fruit or veggie)

Make sure that you have some healthy snacks on hand, nuts, seeds, berries, fruit. A bowl of fresh fruit that is accessible to even the little ones. (Just keep it free of prickly pears and choke cherries.)

It takes a little creativity, but you can keep everyone excited as you try new foods, and add more things to your diet. Mix nuts and berries in with a salad, use nuts as snacks, along with fruit cut up in fun ways. Apple wedges, orange circles, Lemon spears (well, maybe not lemon spears)

The one part of healthy eating that kids have little trouble with is meat. Most enjoy roasts, chicken, turkey, and will eat it without a fuss.

Don't forget to make sure your kids get enough dirt and fish, (probiotics and EPA/DHA oil) My kids ate dirt when they were younger, but now we supplement them with probiotics. They have never really enjoyed fish or wild meat, so we supplement with a good quality fish oil.

Move them through the steps with you, and soon you'll be one big happy healthy eating family!

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