One simple healthy eating habit for diet dummies.

A healthy eating habit can be hard to come by. Some eating habits are easy to develop, but rarely would one call them "healthy". In fact, it 's usually the opposite.

Popcorn and soda at the movies, pizza and beer during the game, pretzels in the swimming pool (wait… okay maybe not that last one). Often foods become associated with certain activities, like a hot dog at the stadium.

The habits that develop easily tend to leave us full, contented, fat, flabby, and eventually sick. It’s as if we’re designed to be diet dummies!

It’s not your fault though. Your body is programmed to love those high sugar, high fat, high toxin foods. You know, like when you sip the whipped cream off the hot chocolate, so you can add some more… and then some more! It’s much more socially acceptable than eating half a pound of butter!

(which actually might be a healthy eating habit - added to your coffee.  Just not a half pound of it at a time)

Your body is expecting to go through long periods of fasting, like when we were all hunter gatherers and sometimes had to wait a while between meals. To cope with those hungry periods, you totally enjoy those high carb, high fat, empty calorie foods. They are actually a good adaptation (if you lived on the ancient north american prairie) because they cause you to store up some fat, that you can burn for energy during the lean times.

The problem is, we don’t have any lean times (no, I’m not talking about when we run out of Cheetos halfway through the Netflix episode), so we store up our fat, and then store up some more. Most of us almost never skip a meal, and if we do, we tend to have some snacks to make up for it.

One simple healthy eating habit

To begin to develop a true healthy eating habit takes some effort, but it can reap huge rewards. One of the best and quickest is to begin eating fresh fiber first.

The idea is simple. Before you have that popcorn, bowl of soup, or Costco size box of chocolate bars - have some fresh fiber. A carrot. An apple. Something that was recently living on a tree or in the ground. Orange, broccoli, head of lettuce - whatever you like. Don’t stop eating the things you love, but add fresh fiber every time you want to eat something.

It’s a simple change that will start you on the road to better health and vitality.

One more easy step is to add some simple supplements to your diet, including a high quality omega 3 and some potent probiotics.

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