Healthy Eating Facts, plain and simple.

No filler. No hype. No sales pitch. Just the healthy eating facts.

Time tested truths, backed by science.

1. Drink only water.

Your brain is an interesting place, (some more than others) and it does interesting things with food and drink. (No, I'm not talking about spraying each other with champagne, or pies in the face, or jello wrestling).

Your mind compartmentalizes calories from food and drink. (whoah, that's a 10 dollar word!) What that means is the calories you drink don't do anything to reduce your hunger, so every calorie you drink is an extra calorie. Water has roughly zero calories (unless there's a lot of slime floating in it) so it's the only real drink you need. For the purpose of healthy eating facts, we'll call all the other drinks un-drinks.

The average American downs 3 -7 soft drinks per day. At 150 calories, 3 would be an extra 450 calories per day. With 3500 calories per pound, if all you did was stop drinking things other than water, you could lose one pound every 8 days. That's 10 pounds in 3 months. 40 lbs in a year. YIPES - That's  the weight of a 40 inch HDTV!


Never mind the damage that stuff is doing to you (refined sugar, empty calories.) Unless of course you're drinking diet soda. Then you get to trick your already confused brain with artificial sweeteners, proven to boost appetite, and a ton of other nasty things.

Juice then? It's natural, made from fruit. Well, let me answer this question with a question:

When was the last time you sat down and ate 5 large oranges in less than two minutes? That is what you are doing when you drink a large glass of orange juice. (except you don't get all that nasty pulp to fill you up, so you can still have a big breakfast on top of it.)

Undrinks are not the way to go if your goal is health (unless you have the water with slime floating in it - then perhaps I'll have a coke...).

2. Food is Fresh.

Do you read your food labels carefully? Good. It's nice to know what's in your food, but if it has a label on it, there is already a problem. It's NOT food! Real food almost never comes for a box, or a jar, or a can, or a plastic tub. Fresh fruit and veggies don't have labels. Neither does meat, nuts, seeds, berries.

Real food is fresh, unlabeled, unprocessed, untainted, unpoisoned, and not unnatural. This is one of the healthy eating facts you can live with, since fresh tastes better too.

If you went out to dinner at a fine restaurant and were served frozen fish sticks, Sunny D, and frozen veggies, I doubt you'd go back. Most of us seem to think it takes too long to make "real" food. The truth is eating fresh is fast, tastes better, and is substantially more nutritious.


With a little planning, you can eat just like mom (or maybe grandma) used to make. The healthy eating myth is that it's hard to prepare whole foods. The healthy eating facts are that it's almost as easy as frozen, and can be fun too. If you find you still don't have the time in your schedule, you can always hire a chef. There are plenty of companies that would be happy to make your meals for you, and they will use fresh ingredients (click on the picture to see an example).

The truth is that you really can do it yourself, you just need a plan.

3. Healthy people eat more of their favorite healthy foods

One of the great healthy eating facts is we like to eat what we like to eat. Not everyone will fall in love with brussels sprouts, broccoli, or pomegranates. But here's an idea. If you LOVE something that you know is good for you - eat it more often.

If you love salads, chocolate bars, coke, Ben and Jerry's, doughnuts and butter by the pound - then eat more salads. Try different salads. Try different dressing recipes - balsamic vinaigrette, caesar. another of the healthy eating facts - adding stuff to your salad - carrot, pea pods, red cabbage - the more colours the better - multiplies the benefits! Load up the serving bowl and eat it all yourself!

Healthy foods include meats, nuts, seeds, berries, fruits, and vegetables. Somewhere in that list is something you like. Perhaps three or four somethings. Eat ‘em up!

4. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

It's happened to all of us. Sometimes daily. The "Wholly crow it's 5pm. What's for supper?" situation. You quickly run to the cupboard, pull out whatever is left in there - some Kraft Dinner, a box of baking soda, and a bag of chocolate chips. "Here you go kids, chow down!" you yell as you throw the packages on the table. (actually, eating the packages might be healthier)

Planning your meals takes a bit of time, but it ensures that your family will be eating right (and not drinking Ensure)

Having a plan helps with the shopping, (you won't wind up with the ice cream and pickles that aren't on your list.) because you know exactly what you need before you go to the store.

It helps with your budget, because you can plan your meals based on your funds. Sure, it cuts down on the prime rib dinners while you're collecting unemployment, but you can eat for the rest of the month. Bonus!

Other essential healthy eating facts include:

5. Avoiding low fat diet plans.

6. Making sure you are getting enough omega 3 fat and probiotics.

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