Looking for healthy eating children? Find them in your own home!

"Healthy eating children", the article stated, "are a thing of the past". In our era of fast food, processed meals, and artificial ingredients it is almost impossible to have healthy children. The headlines can be a bit scary. "Childhood Obesity Rampant!"

Kids tend to eat whatever is around them, and the healthiest children live in homes where they can find all the right healthy foods.

If your home has plenty of healthy snacks, and delicious healthy meals, then your children will naturally develop an appetite for those things.

But what if it's too late? What if my home is full of unhealthy snacks, and my kids are afraid they'll break out in a rash if they touch a vegetable?

First, relax. Vegetables rarely kill people (except in "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes").


Having Smart Healthy Eating children is not about scaring kids with strange new vegetables or fruits. We want them to eat more of the fruits and vegetables they already like. And to try some foods they haven't before.

Your kids most likely live with you, in your home. That means they will be eating what you eat. As you begin to implement the healthy eating guidelines in your home, they will move right along with you. Adding healthy foods to their life, takes room away from the less healthy choices they could be making.

Kids do tend to be "Carb-Hounds", eating and high carb foods whenever they find it. If they don't find it as often in your house, then they'll resort to other sweet healthy foods like fruits.

In my experience kids can go quickly to enjoying healthy food, as the family starts to eat more fresh food, and fewer candy bars and ramen noodles.

If you want to move from "average eating children" to "healthy eating children", then just follow the simple steps laid down in the healthy eating guidelines, with a kid twist.

Be excited about offering them new foods! Make it a new special morning treat to have a fruit or frozen berry smoothie! Cut up fruit in fun ways, orange circles, apple wedges, kiwi Mickey Mouses (okay, maybe we don't have to be that elaborate).

Start slowly, and work through the guidelines. Keep adding new foods. Don't take anything away. If they are used to macaroni for lunch, then feed them macaroni. After they eat their carrots (or insert other fresh food here).

Don't forget to make sure your healthy eating children get enough dirt and fish, (probiotics and EPA/DHA oil) My kids ate dirt when they were younger, but now we supplement them with probiotics. They have never really enjoyed fish or wild meat, so we supplement with a good quality fish oil.

Move them through the steps with you, and soon you'll be healthy eating adults, and healthy eating children - one big happy healthy eating family!

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