Gluten Free Fast Food = Guilt Free Fast Food?

Gluten free fast food? Why?

Well, lets just say It's 12:45. You have to back at work at 1:00. You blew it, and didn't bring along anything for lunch, no balsamic vinaigrette salad or leftover chicken.

The only place nearby is a fast food place, with burgers and fries. You're trying to eat healthier, but how do you salvage lunch?

If you have celiac disease, then you are familiar with going gluten free, but gluten free fast food? The challenge can be the hidden gluten (added to fries, and meat) in the fast food menu.

The healthy eating facts are in - If you truly want to be gluten free, then the ideal fast food for you is an apple, orange, banana, grapes, carrot, broccoli, or cucumber. (any fruit or veggie really) Throw it in a bag, and bring it along, or stop at a grocery store, and load up.

If you really must eat at the corner restaurant, the quickest way to save a quick meal is to have gluten free fast food. Take the junk, and remove the junkiest parts. There are ways when you are stuck eating at a fast food place, to be kinder to your body.


First, skip the soft drink. They are loaded with chemicals to dehydrate you, and make you want more, and empty calories. Have some water - tap water, ice water, bottled water.

Okay, it's technically not gluten, but sugar water is not the drink of choice (unless you are a Bug with a green spectral trail).

The next step is to remove the bun, (or don't order any.) If you really love the bun, you could eat half of it, but then it would be reduced gluten, not gluten free. If you have a choice, make sure you get your pickles, onions, lettuce, tomato, peppers - whatever they'll put on for you.


Better yet, grab a salad if they have one, and add some chicken or beef to it. As most people are becoming aware, all the fuss about cholesterol is just a bunch of bologna. You need your meat. It may not be the same quality as the meat you eat at home, but it's here, where you are. Salads are becoming more and more avaliable in fast food restaurants, and depending on the dressing can be a very healthy alternative. If you want to be gluten free, then skip the croutons.

Ideally, if you plan ahead, you won't need to find gluten free fast food, you'll bring it along with you. Grab some leftover meat, and some fresh veggies and fruit, fill up a bottle with your favorite water, and throw it all in a bag.

Why bother with nutrition anyway?

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