Delicious foods high in fiber.

Foods high in Fiber...
Fiber. It's a word that brings out many different reactions. It's almost a word that doesn't belong in your diet.

Carpet fibre

Fiber - sounds like part of a blanket, or carpet - not something you eat.

Well that's true, because you don't eat fiber, you eat food. Many foods contain a substance that has been labelled fiber, but you're not just eating fiber, you're eating food.

It's a rather large distinction, for most of us. We're not talking about adding bran to your cereal, or prunes to your porridge. It's about having food that contains natural fiber.


The keyword is food.

I had a friend tell me he's very careful, and always reads the label on the food he buys. I told him that if what you are eating has a label on it, it's not food. It's prepared, processed, possibly toxic fast food.

If you want a healthy colon, you have to start by eating real food. Our healthy eating guidelines cover the basics of eating well.

I'm not saying to NEVER eat something that has a label, but fruits, veggies, meats, nuts, seeds and berries will become the main part of your diet over time. If you follow the smart healthy eating guidelines, you will not be worrying about your fiber intake.

Fiber has wonderful effects on the body. It adds a feeling of fullness to your meals, making you feel satisfied. It helps to cleanse and detoxify your body. It's as if we were designed to eat fiber to maintain our health. Oh...wait... We were!

On this page you'll find links to our lists of real food, and information on fiber.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fiber Rich Foods provides you with a list of foods high in fiber.

Foods that cause constipation gives you a list of foods that take you the wrong way.

Naturally, the best way to get your fiber is ...naturally. Eating foods high in fiber is the natural way to obtain the fiber you need in your diet, but occasionally people are looking for a supplement, to help boost their fiber quickly.

Our best fiber supplement page outlines the finest fiber supplement available, in case you feel the need to add it to your diet.

As I may have mentioned though, the best road to increasing your fiber is allowing your body to utilize the fiber in food. Adding some high fiber food will provide your body with all the fiber it could ever need, and improve your health naturally the way no supplement ever could.

When you start eating fresh foods high in fiber, you will find yourself less hungry, more energetic, and more content.

Although some health gurus suggest you eat from only the best sources of fiber, or supplement with things like psyllium seed husks, I find it's best to find healthy foods you love. (If it's a food with fiber, then so much the better.)

Please check out our Healthy Eating Guidelines for more information.

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