Fast Food Statistics

Each year we rack up more fast food statistics. One thing is clear, the numbers are not good for those of us in the western world.

It would be fine if fast food actually meant food but it doesn't. It means fast processed pseudofoods. Mostly things that you won't find in nature. So what are the scary seven fast food statistics?

1. Overwhelmed by sheer numbers:


McDonalds started in 1955 with 9 restaurants. Today they have 31,000 of them. Add to that Burger Kings 12,000, and Wendy's 6,650 and you have an astounding number of stores - with one near you. Because of this McDonalds alone serves 52 million every day (that's 1 in 6 Americans every day) 18 billion people every year.

2. Show Me The Money!

In 1970, the USA spent 6 billion dollars on fast food annually. In 2006 the spending was 142 billion. 142 billion dollars on nutritionally deficient high calorie food. That's $460.00 for every man, woman, and child in the USA. That's almost enough to end world hunger forever.

3.Sugar anyone?


The fast food statistics indicate that of all the items on the McDonald's menu, only seven of them contain NO sugar. Talk about a sugar fix! It's in your drink, your dressing, on your burger - it's even on the fries!

Trying to avoid sugar? Start by avoiding fast food.

4. Just walk it off!

Maybe I'll just go for a walk to burn off my fast food calories. Sure, no problem. If you have a Big Mac, large fries, and a coke, and go for a moderate walk (3mph), you'll be walking for 6 hours to burn up those calories.

Not that hungry? If you go for the Big Mac and medium fries and drink, you're still out there pounding the pavement for 5 hours. Small size it? 4 hours.

5. Get your veggies.

The #1 vegetable in America? French Fries. I don't think it really qualifies as a vegetable anymore, but it's still the most consumed... um... something that used to be a vegetable. Concerned with your family's health? Perhaps not eating deep fried starch is a good place to start. Or at least have some fresh fiber first!

6. Mommy! Daddy! Happy meal!

Well, they may not even use words. Research shows that most north american children can recognize McDonalds before they can speak. Truly a testament to fast food advertising.

7. And to top it all off? You get to DIE!

Perhaps the scariest of the fast food statistics is this - People who consume fast food tend to get fat in much higher numbers than those who don't - especially children. When you consider all the perks of obesity (really the perks of our western, processed, fast food diet) it's no wonder it's the biggest killer.

Eat fast food, and get fat. But Wait! There's more! You also receive sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, impotence, high blood pressure, most types of cancer, headache, esophageal reflux, infertility, heart disease, gallstones, osteoarthritis, depression, stroke, insulin resistance, asthma, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and lower back pain.


There really aren't any good fast food statistics.

And you don't want to be one of the fast food statistics. Start to eat smarter today!

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