Fast Food Nutrition Guide

Looking for a fast food nutrition guide, that has all the info in one place? We have the complete lists of food from the big three - with a few others as well.

First we must make the point that fast food is NOT real food.


That being said, if you wind up eating the stuff, it's good to know what kind of things are in it.

McDonalds has been the big kid on the block for some time, and so it's the first one here on our list.

There is sugar in all but 7 items on their menu, (even the fries have sugar to make them brown nicely) so eat with care!

Click here for McDonald's nutrition information.

Burger King is the second most popular, and so here it is, second on the list.

Click here for the full Burger King information.

Wendy's - Purveyor's of the "Where's the Beef?" burger!

Click here for the full Wendy's nutrition guide

Arby's - "America's Roast Beef, Yes Sir!" This nutrition guide is nice in that the major allergens are listed in red, so they are easy to spot!

Click here for the full Arby's nutrition guide.

Dairy Queen has both food and treats on their nutrition guide.

Click here for the full Dairy Queen food and treat nutrition guide.

And the last two entries on our fast food nutrition guide page are Hardee's, (A USA fast food outlet) and Harvey's, (a Canadian one)

Click here for the Hardee's nutrition guide.

Click here for the Harvey's nutrition guide.

We're sure there are some that have been missed on this page. Please contact us if there is a restaurant from your area/continent/country that you would like to see here. We'll do our best to add it!

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