5 exercises to lose weight quickly!

Okay, so you've taken the time to learn to eat the right foods and now you're looking for exercises to lose weight quickly. You want to get going (come on, you know you really want to... somewhere... deep down inside) We'll work our way through them by increasing intensity.

Okay Here's number one.

Get up out of that chair and walk.

Walk on the beach

Yep, that's right. close that laptop, shut down that computer, turn off that TV, and get up. Move around. Walk. Following nutrition tips is great, but without some simple exercises to lose weight quickly you'll be stuck exactly where you are. You have to get out and get moving.

If you absolutely can't leave your computer, get yourself an iPad, so you can walk and surf at the same time. Seriously - they're cheaper than a treadmill! Make a new rule, no surfing without walking (watch where you're going!).

Exercises to lose weight quickly do not have to be strenuous, you don't have to get strenuous to burn fat. I'm not talking about a slow saunter like those people who get in your way at the mall, but some brisk walking too. A 30 minute walk will burn 180 calories.

More importantly it will reduce your risk of heart disease by 40%, and was shown to be better than the drug metformin at controlling type 2 diabetes.1

Now that's a prescription you can live with!


A good way to cover a lot of ground, and burn some blubber at the same time is on a bike. This is easier on the knees, and ankles than walking or running, and loads of fun to do with a friend.

Naturally if you're cycling outdoors you need the appropriate safety gear, and use common sense in traffic. You can burn up to 200 calories in a half hour of moderate cycling.


The next on the list of exercises to lose weight quickly is a full body exercise. You swimmers out there know that you use every part of your body, (non-swimmers know this too if they've ever fallen in - it's a workout getting out again!)

Swimming has a very low risk of injury (unless you're someone who can't swim - or you're a witch my pretty!), since the water supports your body, and there is little stress on any of your joints.

Swimming is a great aerobic exercise, fun, and a good calorie burner - around 300 calories in 30 minutes.


Want to ramp it up a bit? Running is the only one of these exercises to lose weight quickly that I once heard “Takes off fat faster than a knife!” - less painfully too, I imagine.

It may not be quite that dramatic, but you do rip through the calories while running. Running for 30 minutes at 10 minutes per mile, you'll burn 350 calories. Get a good pair of shoes, and hit the pavement.

Naturally, if you're not a runner, you'll need to ramp things up slowly. Start off walking for 15 minutes away from home, and then walk back. Over the course of a week or two, see how much farther you can get in that 15 minutes.

Then add some time, walk out for 20 minutes. Walk faster, jog a bit and walk a bit. In no time at all it will become easier and easier to take your walks.

Work your way up until you can run at a steady pace. Once you get to this point, you can take it up another notch with our final exercise.

High Intensity Interval Training

Intensity is the word in this final one of our exercises to lose weight quickly. Because it pushes your body hard, it actually raises your metabolic rate. Your body will spend the rest of the day burning calories to recover from your workout.2

This means that in the evening in front of the TV, you will actually be burning calories from your HIIT earlier in the day. That's a great Bonus if your goal is weight loss.

Here's How you do it:

First, start with 5 minutes of warmup at a comfortable intensity. Then run at maximum intensity for 30 seconds, followed by a 90 second recovery. During your recovery you can walk, or just go down to a light jog. Repeat the high intensity, low intensity for 6 repetitions, and then follow with a 5 minute cool down.

22 minutes later, you're cooling your heels. Don't forget to do some stretches, and walk about a bit after cooling down. Due to the high intensity nature of this exercise you should not do it more than 3 times a week.

There you have it. Five awesome exercises to lose weight quickly. Pick your favorite, or mix them up as you go through your week.

For more information see maintaining a healthy weight.

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