The benefits of healthy eating are what make it all worthwhile!

Why on earth would I go through the work to change what I eat, if there were no benefits of healthy eating? That's simple, I wouldn't. If I'm going to put effort toward something, I'd better be getting some kind of benefit.

The benefits of healthy eating are astounding, and it is totally worth a little effort. The problem is that not all of them are immediately visible, and some of them won't show up until years down the road.

That being said, here's a look at why you really want to eat healthy (I know you do!), and how easy it really is to do it right. The benefits of healthy eating:

1. Look Pretty!

Yep. Eating the right foods, and giving your body what it needs without excess sugar, carbs, yucky fat, salt, and other junk will make you pretty! (well,'re already pretty pretty). If you feed your body what it needs daily, it will be able to build itself properly.

elowyn pretty

You've probably noticed those people. They have a glow about them. A vitality. Healthy eating is good for your teeth, skin, hair, eyes... all the things that make you look good. It also doesn't provide you with a huge amount of excess carbs that convert to fat (something that doesn't look very nice in huge quantities - unless you're a beluga whale.)

Not happy about the way you look? One of the most popular benefits of healthy eating is looking better! It may take a little time, but you'll reap huge rewards in the mirror, mirror on the wall.

2. Feeling good.

Once you are looking marvelous, it's nice to be feeling marvelous. High among the benefits of healthy eating is feeling good. Since the word healthy is part of "healthy eating" you'd think this went without saying... but it doesn't.

For some reason, we don't always put being healthy and feeling good together. But considering almost all of our big diseases are diet related, if we eat better we'll be much better able to avoid diabetes, heart disease, cancer, stroke, colds, flu, pimples, hemorroids, and post nasal drip.

Seriously? Looking good, and feeling good aren't enough for you to break out a carrot and eat it? Okay, lets go on then!

3. Stress and sleep.

Do you have stress? Do you like to sleep? If not, then healthy eating may not be for you. If you do find yourself having stress, or desiring some sleep at night, then it's one of the benefits of healthy eating that you will look forward to.

Providing your brain with the building blocks it needs to work right can totally change your rest, and ability to deal with stress (not to mention being less crazy - not that I'm saying you're crazy!).

4. Healthy Kids


Even if you think it's too late for you, (and it's not by the way), think about how much your children will benefit. Even if you have no kids yet, eating right protects your future kids. If you have a healthy diet, antioxidants and vitamins and minerals protect your eggs and sperm.

If your kids are born already, eating healthy will give them a fighting chance to avoid disease, and have a longer, healthier life! It's a fact, the benefits of healthy eating at young age are huge!

5. Feel Smart.

Yep. If you are doing the right thing, and going in the opposite direction of nearly everyone else in the western world (getting healthier, rather than sicker) you get to feel smart. After all, you actually took the time to research, and learn what the benefits of healthy eating are.

That's more than most people do. So, consider yourself patted on the back! (You smartie you!)

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