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Stone Chili

Put the following ingredients in a large pot. Don't be afraid to be creative and put non-traditional beans in the pot, including lima beans, peas, corn,

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Why is Nutrition Important?

Asking the question "Why is Nutrition Important?" shows that you are putting some thought into your life. Sometimes it seems like it's pointless. Let's answer that question!

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Major foods that cause constipation

Are you full of it? You might be if you eat these foods that cause constipation.

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3 day tuna diet - Awesome or awful? Learn the facts, before you start.

Is the 3 day tuna diet the best of the best, or a beast of the least? Does it work? Is it healthy? In a word - NO. Here is why.

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Omega 3 Benefits

Get your fat! To be healthy, your body needs all the omega 3 benefits it can get.

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Fast food nutrition guide

Fast food nutrition guide - Fast food and nutrition are rarely words that go together. Here is all the info you need on fast food nutrition - in one place.

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Getting clean teeth safely

Why would you focus on healthy eating, but then forget about having healthy teeth? Today we give you an amazing way to have healthy non-toxic teeth!

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Kayla's tuna sandwhich

Open your can of tuna, drain the juice, add one serving of mayonnaise (approximately 57 calories) and mix it in a bowl. Chop up little pieces of pickles,

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