Healthy Eating the Smart Way

Why is healthy eating such a puzzle? From the constantly changing food guide, to the newest diet on daytime TV, we're constantly bombarded by what we should, or shouldn't eat.

Stop the insanity!

We’re going to look at eating from a different direction. Instead of cutting things out of your meals, let's start by adding some things. We’ll define our meals by talking about what we DO eat, not what we “can’t” eat.

Ready to get going? - Stop by our guidelines to get started. They cover the core of smart healthy eating, giving you the basics of what you need to do to turn things around.

We all know it's important to eat healthy, but it seems so difficult when you watch the news - what qualifies as "good for you" changes faster than the tides. The eating guidelines page will clarify it all for you.

Visit the tips page for some quick helpful information on why a low fat diet plan may not be for you, and why cholesterol may not be your enemy, and other nutritional puzzles. We’ll explain why the two most important supplements for you to take are Omega 3 oil and probiotics.

Is being overweight an issue for you? (it is if you're the average westerner) Learn why the latest diet probably isn't the way to go, and pick up some ways to control your weight without the binge and purge of the usual methods on the maintaining a healthy weight page.

Our foods high in fiber page will challenge you to change the way you think about fiber, and give you information on tackling digestive problems by eating the right foods. Top up your daily fiber intake naturally - without a prescription.

Read up on all the facts of fast food, and check out some scary statistics.

See some of our detailed plans for success on our plans page - and coming soon - recipes pages - (keep us bookmarked and check back soon, or subscribe to our page by choosing a feed from the upper left corner of the page)

Let's DO away with the “dont’s”. Healthy dining is easier than it seems. We’ll do it together, deliciously!

Healthy Eating Guidelines - It's easier than you think
Looking for Easy to follow healthy eating guidelines? It's simpler than it looks.
Healthy Food Tips
Looking for tips on how to enjoy healthier foods? How to make your daily meals healthier! Our healthy food tips will help you make the changes you want!
Foods High in Fiber - Fantastic Feasting!
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Low fat high protein diet. Is there one for you? Probably, but choose wisely.
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Maintaining a healthy weight is easy with the right approach
Maintaining a healthy weight while obesity rates skyrocket is possible. You just need the right approach.
Healthy Eating Plans
There are two ways to eat healthy. The hard way, or the simple way. Want some simple step by step healthy eating plans? This hits the spot.
Fast Food Nutrition Facts
Get the fast food nutrition facts. Is it really as bad as they say? How do you eat on the go without poisoning yourself?
Healthy Eating Links
Links to some great healthy eating and living sites.
Smart Healthy Eating Blog
Smart Healthy Eating is a journey not a destination. Here we provide the best travel tips along the path to smart healthy eating.
About Dr. Cam - Main advisor at smart healthy eating.
The main health advisor at smart healthy eating, Dr. Cam comes well educated with years of clinical experience.
Healthy Eating Meal Plan
A healthy eating meal plan that you can put together quickly.
Daily Healthy Eating Plan
A daily healthy eating plan can really give your health a boost.